84 Square Feet

Finding Freedom In Solitary Confinement

I remember sitting in the 84-square-foot cell, a space amounting roughly to the size of an average parking slot, feeling a myriad of emotions. I was bewildered, scared, and trying to figure out how I would survive this new, harsh reality.

So, why did I decide to share this potentially painful part of my life? Well, the reason is twofold.

Firstly, the overwhelming response to a simple Facebook post I made about solitary confinement revealed a deep hunger for understanding this harsh reality, a reality that over 100,000 inmates worldwide experience.

The many questions, comments, and overall interactions were a true testament to the importance of sharing this story.

We Can Do Better

Secondly, while I do talk about some grim, even shameful aspects of the prison system specifically solitary confinement, it's not my intention to shame or rebuke anyone.

My primary aim is to share my personal experiences, based on a belief that we can, and must, do better. 

84 Square Feet Solitary Confinement Documentary

Reading My Letters From Solitary Confinement

A Glimpse Inside The Cell

A Glimpse Inside The Cell

Through my letters, you'll get a glimpse into the daily challenges, mundane happenings, and the profound thoughts that occupied my mind during those days.

84 Square Feet Solitary Confinement Documentary Letters

Longing For Connection

These writings were my lifeline, my way of connecting with the outside world. Within the pages, you'll find hopes, fears, and the longing for connection. 

84 Square Feet Solitary Confinement Documentary

Finding Freedom In Solitary Confinement

In sharing my experiences and letters from prison, I hope to shed light on the harsh realities of solitary confinement and its profound impact on individuals. Despite the challenges, I was determined to use my time in solitary confinement to grow and change.

Prisoner #1060653

My journey is not just unique to me—it represents the struggles faced by many within the prison system.

It's a reminder to extend empathy, support, and understanding to those who are trying to rebuild their lives after incarceration.

Together, let's work towards a society that values rehabilitation and second chances for all.

84 Square Feet Solitary Confinement Documentary

I want this to be more than just me talking at you. Let's get a real conversation going about how solitary confinement is used and what it's really like.

Your questions have been amazing—they cover everything from the day-to-day stuff to the big questions about reform and how you keep your sanity in such a tough spot, and I can't wait to answer more. Change begins with a conversation. 

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