Confessions of a Toothpaste Craftsman: Letters From Lockdown Episode 6

While in Solitary Confinement, I had plenty of time to contemplate future employment options and the blank slate of my surroundings always inspired a bit of interior decorating!

Join me as I describe the art of decorating with toothpaste, driving my "Cadillac" on the tier, and how I was able to find a sliver of peace at 4am!


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The Sounds Of Solitary Confinement: Letters From Lockdown Episode 5

Contrary to common belief, solitary confinement is far from quiet. I found a 2-minute video that highlighted exactly what my unit sounded like many times during my 2 years there.

Check this video out and let me know in the comments, how did that 2 minutes make you feel? Could you survive an hour of that? How about a day?


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Answering Your Questions Episode 4

 In this episode, we'll be diving deep into the questions viewers like you have asked me about my experience in solitary confinement. I received numerous questions after reaching out on Facebook, and I'm excited to address some of them in this video.


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Letters From Lockdown Episode 3

Through reading my letters, I want to bring you into my world through the words that I wrote to my mom. These writings were my lifeline, my way of connecting with the outside world. Within the pages, you'll find hopes, fears, and the longing for connection. I'll share snippets of these letters to give you a better understanding of the struggles and the moments of resilience that emerged from the depths of isolation.

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Answering Your Questions About Solitary Confinement

I want this to be more than just me talking at you. Let's get a real conversation going about how solitary confinement is used and what it's really like. Your questions have been amazing—they cover everything from the day-to-day stuff to the big questions about reform and how you keep your sanity in such a tough spot, and I can't wait to answer more. Change begins with a conversation. 

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84 Square Feet Documentary about Solitary Confinement

Solitary Confinement: My First Day

In this video, join me as I spend my first full day there and recall the harsh realities of solitary from the lack of programming and resources to the metallic clanks of prison doors, the grueling bus rides, and the numbing monotony of life in a cell. It's an experience you've probably only heard about or seen in movies but trust me, the reality is a departure from what you might imagine.

With "84 Square Feet," my hope is that you will find a new perspective, that these experiences will resonate somewhere, and help foster a more compassionate and informed conversation around the criminal justice system and solitary confinement. 

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84 Square Feet Documentary About Solitary Confinement

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