Answering Your Questions About Solitary Confinement Episode 2

Feb 12, 2024

Answering Your Questions About Solitary Confinement | 84 Square Feet Ep. 2

Hey there! Welcome to the second episode of "84 Square Feet," where I share my personal experience of being in solitary confinement in Ely, Nevada. In this episode, I'll be answering some of the questions I received from you all on Facebook about my time in solitary confinement. I grouped the questions into different categories to address related topics. So, grab a cup of coffee and let's dive in!

How Did I Get There and My Initial Period in Solitary Confinement

Answering Your Questions

Many of you asked about how I ended up in solitary confinement and what my first experiences were like. Before prison, I had a severe drug addiction, particularly to methamphetamine. Being heavily involved in drugs led to me accumulating 53 B and C level felonies in the State of Nevada.

Robert Woldhuis 84 Square Feet Solitary Confinement Documentary
Nevada Category B Felony Information

When I got arrested on July 26th, 2010, I thought I would only spend a week or two in jail, but to my surprise, I was told that I would be in for a longer period. As my court proceedings progressed, I eventually received a three-year to ten-year sentence. The weight of the sentence hit me hard, as I realized I would miss out on important milestones and events in my loved ones' lives. Little did I know that my journey would take an even darker turn.

Being Caught in the Web

Questions from Viewers
Answering Your Questions

While in prison, I made a poor decision to continue engaging in illegal activities, hoping to be self-sufficient without relying on anyone else. Someone suggested I use the credit cards I still had access to in order to get things for other inmates, and they would pay me back. Naively, I agreed to it but eventually got caught, and this led to my transfer to solitary confinement.

The moment I found out I was being sent to the hole for two years, I was filled with disbelief and a sense of dread.

I had made a series of bad decisions, and now I had to face the consequences.

The Experience of Solitary Confinement

Answering Your Questions

During my first month in solitary confinement, I had a major realization that I had severely messed up my life. Being confined in a six feet by fourteen feet cell for twenty-three hours plus a day was a harsh reminder of the consequences of my actions.

The isolation and the weight of my poor choices weighed heavily on me. However, as time went on, my mindset began to change. I matured and learned valuable lessons about life, responsibility, and the consequences of my actions.

This opportunity allowed me to rebuild my life and gave me a chance to reflect on the person I had become. Despite the challenges and hardships I faced, I managed to grow and develop as an individual and I hope that as I answer some of these questions and read through these letters, you are able to get a good picture of what Solitary Confinement is like and how I got through it. 

Solitary Confinement Cell in Ely, NV
A picture of my cell in Solitary Confinement in Ely, NV

Thank you for joining me on this journey today. I hope this episode shed some light on the questions you had about solitary confinement and my personal experience. If you haven't already, make sure to watch the first episode of "84 Square Feet," where I read one of the letters I wrote to my mom during my time in solitary confinement. Stay tuned for future episodes, where I'll continue sharing my story and answering more of your questions.

I value your opinion and would love to hear your thoughts on solitary confinement.

Let's engage in a conversation, even if we hold different perspectives.

Change can only happen when we have open discussions. I read all of the comments on YouTube and Facebook or you can head over to the 84 Square Feet website and fill out the contact form and drop a comment or question there to be considered for an upcoming episode!

Stay tuned for the next episode of "84 Square Feet" where I read the next set of letters that I had written home. Picture the days leading up to Thanksgiving and the desire to simply connect with someone who cares about me. I will be sharing some more of my thoughts on this time and the tricks I had  to play with my brain to keep it engaged and not lose hope. 

Thank you for your support, encouragement, and most of all your prayers. Be blessed today, and don't forget to be a blessing wherever you're at!